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Here at Aviasole Technologies, we have always believed in providing next-generation solutions by making the most of the latest technologies and the tools available to come up with the best possible business solutions. Our motto has been to keep those solutions as simple as it can get.

We are a tech-savvy company with a highly qualified and dedicated team of engineers that goes concurrently with the cutting edge technology, having a mission to build and provide tailor-made solutions. Moreover, our goal is to deliver the best service experience from identifying the right technology for your needs to develop your ideas into reality, addressing your problems, and make sure it works flawlessly. Furthermore, we are proudly emerging global IT company that has been(and always willing to!) providing solutions to complex business problems in multiple industry sectors like e-commerce, education, finance, healthcare, retail and many more.

In a very short time, we have come a long way because we have always been abode by our core values. Our wish was to constantly leave a positive impact on our clients by providing them the best of talent along with the best of results and we are happily, energetically, and proudly standing tall at it.


Web Application Development

Our experts have years of experience in building web applications for various industries. We have adapted to a collaborative approach in which we understand needs and deliver business value. From a very simple web application to the one with complex structures, we have our team delivering robust solutions for all kinds of web application designing and development needs. Our web application development solutions very precisely go hand in hand with customer’s business strategies and consist of unique and secure experience. The web applications we develop envelopes all four fundamentals which are usability, performance, scalability, and security. Our web application development solutions include web portal development, custom web development, CMS web development, Enterprise web development, eCommerce development, support & maintenance. All here we aim for is providing you cost-effective B2B or B2C solution that will surpass your expectations.

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Mobile Application Development

A successful mobile application consists of a lot of effort along with knowledge about application store guidelines. Our company has got hundreds of applications to our credit. Our team has experience in making applications that involves complex database computations to functionalities like chat, e-commerce, banking as well as social networking. Not just that, our developers are well versed with the latest trends of development tools and updated with the knowledge of the latest version of programming languages enabling our clients to get all the latest and trending features running in the world of mobile applications. Furthermore, we also have experience in developing applications in an area of Augmented reality, BlueTooth communication, Deep linking to name a few. Moreover, creating applications that align well with PCI compliance for credit card security is our forte. We thrive to provide you the top-notch mobile application experience with our uncompromisable design and development skills.


UX/UI Design

Visual experience has always played a vital role in any product and it has never lost a spotlight over anything else. A product design speaks volumes about not just the product in particular but about the company it belongs to and the brand as a whole. Our engineers have mastered the art of creating a user experience that aligns supremely well with current trends that also keeps it minimalistic and user friendly. We build clean, intuitive, expandable, and easily customizable designs. We have designs for our portfolio that consist of elements that very accurately represent the brand keeping the user-friendly experience intact. We can not stop boasting enough of having always been able to provide the most satisfactory UI/UX design solutions to all our clients which consisted of soothing to eyes color combinations as well as easy overall navigations that has all the required information very articulately placed that the overall experience of using the product turns out nothing but buttery smooth.


Desktop Applications

Our desktop application unit has a grip on several platforms and languages to build an application that can work offline as well as off the browser. The benefits of getting desktop applications include high efficiency, ability to distribute in office only, interface flexibility, huge community, network independent, bankable, productivity, customizable to name a few. We develop desktop applications that are risk and theft free, easy to maintain as well as upgrade and facilitating instant content synchronization, file access, and ready management of downloadable content. We have expertise at making very engaging and feature-rich yet light desktop applications that enable the user to make the most of it. We believe that every business has its individualistic unique requirement that we can fulfill by developing a tailor-made solution for them that surely will meet those business requirements. We promise you the desktop application that is effectively crafted, caters perfectly to the need, duly tested, and completely cost-effective.


Health Care

With the rapidly changing landscapes of the healthcare industry, our IT solutions have always played a vital role in reshaping it to be cost-effective, consumer-centric, and user friendly. With the help of Artificial intelligence, we have created applications that have reached to many and have helped bring data easily, analyze the situation, keeping them in archive safely for future reference and successfully provided end to end solutions to all the clients globally. Healthcare solutions can be used by any organization irrespective of its size as it enhances the process from booking an appointment, printing out medicine prescriptions, billing as well as payment. It can help connect patients to hospitals or can help communicate drug companies to medical representatives etc. Healthcare solutions can also include hospital management, software to operate medical instruments, software, and applications for medical research to name a few.


Technology has played the biggest role in changing the world of banking and finance. With changing times, traditional ways of managing finance and banking have completely changed from walking to different places to now accomplishing your tasks in just a couple of clicks from your place immediately. We have closely worked with various banks, insurance companies, Taxation companies along with many departments of finance in various companies. One of the biggest challenges in these sectors is to provide a threat free and secure product and we have mastered the art of creating a product that leaves no loophole or has no space for any data leak or any threat. Our developers have plenty of experience in creating solutions that excellently passes through all security compliance examinations. Our experience also consists of writing all calculation algorithms that produce accurate results in a way that neither takes time nor requires a lot of system power.


We have come a long way from complex network systems in the schools to personal tablets with each student well equipped with a faster internet as well as the secure connection that lets them concentrate only in studies along with their parents and teachers being able to track it in their own respective devices. Our experience in IT includes it all from preschool training to postgraduate learning and more. We have achieved expertise in creating connected classrooms, preparing easy animations to understand easier, multimedia, and streaming support to learn it faster to name a few. Solutions in the field of education are not just limited to students, they can also help schools, colleges and universities keep all the data stored secure and handy. From records of students to records of the staff, it can manage salaries, fees, spendings, funding, library records to name a few. Keeping it all in such a way saves a lot of time to document everything carefully on paper and then keeping those paper records.

E Commerce

E-commerce has completely changed the way how almost every individual shops, be it a grocery or the biggest home appliance or a piece of land! One can make most out of it either from a very small house by selling homemade goods to the biggest retail chain. A huge market of E-commerce with increasing growth annually is a major plus for every business to opt for it. Fast internet has also brought a huge difference in online shopping as now it is not just limited to ordering goods, food, cab, or reading an eBook but one can also create a portal to sell their video tutorials on various subjects. From a virtual tour of houses to using AR to place the exact object into the house for trials, we have been delivering all the scalable solutions that are very easy to use on a consumer side and always under budget for the company side making it a win-win situation for both the parties. We provide seamless desktop as well as mobile solutions for the same where we connect e-commerce module with the choice of your enterprise systems I.e ERP, CRM, back-office, and more. We also decide and help you pick the right technologies to be used as per your business needs.

Custom Solution

A company wanting to determine problematic areas or wanting help in the already thought or direction, we provide IT assessment as well as development as per your requirement. Our engineers have wide experience in various domains of the industry which can help you guide in the right direction as well as create a tailor-made solution as per your choice. We can document your solutions, observe patterns to make it better, point out problems in existing systems and build a solution for already working projects with flaws or requiring an extension to it or creating one from scratch. Our transparency at understanding the exact issue and delivering a very precise and benefitting solution has always been appreciated by our clients. Our custom solution involves it all like a consultation, designing, developing, QA, and more. Our primary goal here is to take up your business towards a digital future by bringing up ideas to life with maximum possible user engagement and minimum business risks.

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